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Gefäße für Ikebana und Teezeremonie

Sabine Turpeinen


Here is some basic information for my international visitors. Thank You for taking interest in my work!


the containers presented on my ikebana-page are prototypes and many different versions of each one are possible. The numbers relate to the basic model and not necessarily to the specific container shown. I gladly answer e-mail, send snapshots of containers that are immediately available or manufacture new pieces according to your specifications. This will take about two months.

 Prices vary as to size, working time, and cost of materials needed.

a moribana bowl, diameter ca 30 cm, will cost about 35 €. A big landscape bowl , diameter ca 45 cm, about 100 €. Everything else is in between.


YES. Fired by 1220°C there is almost no need for further treatment, but as precaution I use a special acrylic fluid inside each container. If there are problems, let me know.


Tea Ceremony

out of every 10 teabowls I am producing, only two may be good enough to be presented in an exhibition or on this website. These will cost 50 € each.


Mizusashi range from 100 to 150 €. Vases for Chabana, dishes for sweets and chaire around 20 to 30 €.

if you are interested in more information , please let me know!



Safe shipping is possible with a box-in-the-box system. This results in bulky parcels that even for a single teabowl cost 10 € for postage/packing material INSIDE GERMANY. For EU-countries it's about 30 €, for overseas shipping even more.  One box  can hold 2 , maybe 3 Ikebana containers or up to 5 teabowls.


e-mail:  ps.turpeinen@web.de